Milestone birthday changed Elton

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David Furnish has reportedly revealed that there’s been a change in the musician’s attitude since reaching his milestone 60th birthday. “He’s been in an absolute bubble floating happily along ever since. It was nice to see his face light up when he walked in, because Elton’s not good at taking compliments. It was great for him to feel how loved he is by his friends. When you’re someone who battles with low self-esteem and you’re out there giving the whole time, it’s hard. But I think turning 60 has been a milestone for him. There’s a complete change in attitude, in a completely positive direction, which I’m really happy about”. For Elton’s birthday David has bought “a ring with his zodiac sign in it, a beautiful travelling mirror and a handmade briefcase”. David laughed: “He’s so hard to buy presents for, as he doesn’t have a big wish list, and the wish list he does have, I can’t afford”.

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