Concert for Diana – part II

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Princes William and Harry said more about the concert. Prince William said: “Loads of people coming from far away and across the ocean and things like that. We don’t want to name everyone because we want to keep a surprise. The idea is we wanted to get artists that our mother really loved, and then artists that both Harry and I enjoy. So with that you’ve got a sort of something different, it’s not just any old concert. If it works it will be brilliant, if it doesn’t then we won’t be in the country”. Prince Harry added: “You won’t see us for a very long time”. Prince Harry will be granted leave from army duties in Iraq to attend his mother’s memorial concert, said the Ministry of Defence. Prince Harry had applied in writing for leave to attend the concert. He will be sent to Iraq as late as possible and his presence would be kept a guarded secret. 10.000 tickets on sale at 9am for the concert, sold out in 20 minutes on April 27, 2007. More tickets will be sold later. The Queen, Prince Charles and Camilla are not expected to attend. Organisers fear the giant London concert to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of Diana, will be usurped by the Live Earth gig a week later at Wembley on July 7, 2007.

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