Elton John in Nice

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I live in Nice, and Sir Elton John is freeman of Nice and has inaugurated the Nikaïa (the auditorium). We are happy, proud to have him with us. As for me, I wrote to the mayor of Nice, to talk about my wish to give Elton’s name to a street. Elton John is a brilliant artist and a great man. He stayed several times at the Hotel Negresco which appears in the classic video “I’m Still Standing”.
I got a reply from the mayor saying that “for the time being it’s impossible to follow up my request, the Town of Nice doesn’t want to give a name to a street if the person isn’t dead”. One day Elton John will have a street with his name, but it’s something that he will never know, he will never see, that’s why I’m cross against the mayor.
I wish him a good health. God bless Elton! Long Live King Elton Hercules John

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