The Elton John Masibambisane Centre

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The Elton John Masibambisane Centre in South Africa, provides aftercare facilities, as well as running various programmes during school holidays and on weekends. The centre has opened its doors in September 2003. Since its establishment, the centre has worked closely with the community, schools and clinics. Community groups liaise with the centre when a child is in need and the social workers then follow up the request, talking to the family and the child. Part of the work of the Elton John Masibambisane Centre, is to visit families in the neighbourhood, particularly where parents are critically ill. The children do not live at the centre. They come to the centre after school, where, with the help of community caregivers and extended family members, they are given a meal and helped with homework and preparation for the following day’s school. The children are also able to take a bath or shower at the centre, and can also use the facilities to wash their uniforms. The centre also offers counselling to the children. Sir Elton John said: “The success of the Elton John Masibambisane Centre is an incredible template for what can be done to assist children to get into the mainstream of life”.

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