Bernie inspires Elton

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Elton John decided to write a heartfelt song about his long-term relationship with song writing partner Bernie Taupin, after having endured 40 tumultuous years together as a team. He wrote The Bridge. Sir Elton explains: “In the context that I sing it, it’s about having crossed that bridge and survived and having the two of us still being together, BernieTaupin and myself. We’ve been writing now for nearly 40 years together to chase the ultimate song and not to give up, but is also is applicable to anybody in any walk of life. It’s like don’t give up. There are so many people that give up and jump off the bridge. You just cannot be successful all the time. I think some of the stuff we did in the ‘80s and ’90 was uneven because there was all the pressure to have a hit record. If you write songs, you’re going to write unevenly anyway, you’re not going to write great songs all the time. But I feel with the last three albums we’ve written, we’ve written three great albums of work that we could go onstage and play now without playing any of our old songs, our old hits and really entertain people really well with them.”

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