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Bernie Taupin is thankful he never became famous for being the musical partner of Sir Elton John, because he can’t handle the celebrity world. Bernie worked with Elton John for 40 years, helping to make the musician a superstar, but he insists he isn’t jealous of the attention Sir Elton enjoys. Bernie Taupin said: “People don’t recognise me now.
In the old days, I’d go out front at Elton’s show, my face was on the album covers, I’d get stopped on the street. I couldn’t live that way”. Bernie Taupin has revealed he writes hidden messages into the songs he creates for Elton John. Bernie said: “I’ve always tried to be aware of his feelings or his social or political bent, but sometimes I can be cryptic, so I’ve slid things in there that I know he won’t realise until later on. I’ve been standing on the side of the stage ten years after I’ve written a certain lyrics and he’s come off stage and said “I’ve just realised what you said in that song”.

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