Sir Elton John is technophobe

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Elton John has confessed he is a technophobe and doesn’t even own a computer or mobile phone. He is happy to shun modern technology and lets David act as his secretary. Elton John said: “I don’t have a computer, don’t have a mobile phone, don’t have an iPod. I order new things all the time and I write them down in my book. David has a phone, so people can always get hold of me”.
A personal message for the attention of Sir Elton John: I’m secretary, I’m looking for a job. I also look for a job as a lyricist, (you made me want to write), and I would like someone to sing my texts. I would prefer to work as a lyricist. I’m writing in French and in English.
If one day, David hasn’t got the time anymore to be your personal assistant, I apply for the job. I love the computer and I own 2 mobiles. One bought in London, the other one bought in Nice. (I live in Nice). I would be delighted to be your personal assistant! I have decided to put my texts on-line on my blog

I’m rocket member, therefore your website has my phone number. Don’t hesitate to call me!

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