Sir Elton becomes gay games ambassador

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Sir Elton said, "I am thrilled to be involved with the Gay Games. For more than two decades the Gay Games have turned a well-deserved spotlight on athletic and cultural performances by members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and their friends from around the world."

"Thousands of musicians have participated in the cultural festivals of the Gay Games," said Sir Elton. "I’m proud of them and what they have accomplished at the Games and in their home communities. Along with the athletic participants, they challenge the stereotypes from which oppression grows and consequently bring the world closer together."

"The Gay Games also have always focused attention on matters of HIV and AIDS, and they continue to do so through events such as the International Rainbow Run for the End of AIDS," said Sir Elton. "Many people living with HIV and AIDS have been full participants and some have even set world records. It’s a wonderful event that encourages fitness and personal best for people of all ages and abilities."
The Gay Games VII takes place in Chicago, USA from 15-22 July 2006.

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